Castello Svevo


NAME Castello Svevo
LOCATION via dei Mille
Dating 1227-1233
OPENING HOURS It is possible to book a guided tour for groups by phoning the 0831-642851


The Swabian Castle, also called the Greate Castle or the Castle of Earth to distinguish it from the Aragonese, is the oldest fortress of Brindisi. It was built to be the fortified residence of Frederick II and for its construction were used materials originating from the ruined city monuments. This manor, originally a trapezoidal plan, develops around a large courtyard surrounded by a fosssato and is endowed with high walls and towers, which made a possible siege more difficult. It was finished in 1233 and preserves the Swabian nucleus in a quadrangular shape

On the west side, between the two cylindrical towers, was built a donjon where on the ground floor there was the entrance, while to the east and the center between the other two quadrangular towers was set a pentagonal tower.

In 1448, a rampart was built which surrounded the ground part of the castle, strengthened in turn by four circular towers and a new wider moat was also excavated.


In One of the halls of the castle, located shortly after the entrance, there is an inscription that shows the inscription on the extension of the castle by Ferdinand of Aragon

It was home to Vittorio Emanuele III and the whole royal family and on that occasion the functions of command were located in Brindisi, which for five months was the seat of the Italian government. Despite this, the title of capital was never recognized

Currently the Swabian Castle is used as the seat of the Navy and is never open to the public

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Discesa Dorotea, the Promenade, Piazza Santa Teresa

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