Scuole Pie


NAME Scuole Pie
LOCATION Via Giovanni Tarantini, 39
Dating 1600
OPENING HOURS open daily


In the 17th century the city of Brindisi was in a situation of such a cultural deterioration, that the archbishop Francesco de Estrada gathered the monks Scolopi (of the Pious Schools, first free schools) in order to spread education. To accommodate the order, de Estrada bought Celestini’s old monastery for 500 ducats. The Pious Schools were such an important place at that age that in 1707 they hosted 200 students.  The structure was enlarged in different ages until 13th February, 1807, on the day the order of Scolopi was suppressed.


The monks Scolopi entered the city on Sunday, 27th January, 1664. The celebrations had been carried on for the whole week. On 4th February, the first lessons started.

After the half of the 19th century the monastery was used as a prison until 1937

Nowadays it hosts the Artisan Court.

What to find in the area

Granafei Nervegna Palace

New Verdi Theatre

John Temple at the Sepulchre

Saint Theresa’s Church

Paul’s church

Where to take photos

John’s Temple: here you can find some hidden engravings;

Saint Theresa’s square, if you love sea views from above, here you can find a breath-taking one.

Città di Brindisi

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Cooperativa Sociale Amani

Ministero del Lavoro

Istituto degli Innocenti


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