The Project Brindiscover

Brindiscover: an idea and a project for the city

Brindiscover is an idea of the class 4°CL of Liceo “E. Palumbo” in Brindisi together with the social coop “Amani” during the school year 2017/2018. This is a National Research Project of “Work Related Learning” based on the new methodology of Service Learning.  It has been carried out within the Project GET UP (Giovani Esperienze Transformative di Utilità Sociale – transformative experiences for Youth Empowerment and Social Change) and with the municipality of Brindisi (department of Social Policy -Brindisi and San Vito dei Normanni, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Institute “degli Innocenti” in Florence.

The idea to set up Brindiscover has stemmed from the students’ observation of their context: the town of Brindisi. The Messapian town of Brindisi has a great tourist potential that is not appreciated enough although it has a great historical, cultural and artistic patrimony.

What can be done in order to help promote this territory?

In order to solve this problem, the students have observed the reality around them to find solutions. So Brindiscover has taken its shape and the result has been a pocket map and a web site containing interesting information, curiosities and rarities about monuments and local culture.

The goal has been to give a practical guide to tourists in order to guide them in discovering the town according to their visit time, needs and interests

How has the project been developed?

  1. We have analysed the local tourism sector in order to study its characteristics and its strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Once decided on the marketing plan, we have created groups of works to deepen some different aspects necessary to develop the idea: image, target, web and historical and artistic patrimony.
  3. An Internet research about the monuments has been done in-depth and, once identified the target monuments, some field trips have been planned. With the help of experts on History of Art we have visited the monuments and planned four Brindiscover itineraries: by the Sea, Art & History, Landscape and Curiosity.
  4. We have developed information, collected photos to be included on the site and we have written the contents in Italian.
  5. We have translated the contents into English, French and Spanish.
  6. We have developed the graphic design and the logo of the project in order to make visual communication clear and efficient.
  7. Once gathered all the information, we have set up the site and the graphic layout of the map.
  8. Thanks to the hard work of the whole class, the support of teachers and the advice of some experts on graphic communication and web planning, after six months Brindiscover has been made public.

At this point we just have to invite you to visit the portal of the project, read the map and feel your way around Brindisi, a town worth discovering!!!

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