Chiesa di Santa Teresa


NAME Chiesa di Santa Teresa
LOCATION St. Theresa square
Dating 1670


St. Theresa church is located in the historic centre of Brindisi, in the homonymous square. It was completed in 1697 and was initially flanked by the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites, now the seat of the State Archives. The rich exterior facade of the church is baroque with stone inserts and internally contains the prestigious canvas of St. Andrea, the macenula of the Madonna del Carmine and the papier-mâché statues of the Saints Medici. From St. Theresa square, it is possible to admire the monument dedicated to the fallen of the First World War. In addition, the square offers a breath-taking view of the other side of the harbour and the Regina Margherita promenade.


The Church is a typical example of Baroque architecture.

Visit the cloister of the State Archives: meeting place of the Carboneria in 1820

Enjoy the church ceiling

What to find in the area

Cathedral, Promenade, Former Convent of the Pious Schools

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St. Theresa square

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Istituto degli Innocenti


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