Monumento al Marinaio


NAME Monumento al Marinaio
LOCATION Via Duca degli Abruzzi
Dating 1932 (inaugurated in 1933)
OPENING HOURS Open daily, (closed on Thursdays), from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:20 pm to 7:00 pm. On Mondays from 10:30 am to 5:10 pm


The Monument to Italian Sailors in Brindisi is one of the symbols of the town: a huge rudder, which is impossible not to notice if you arrive in Brindisi from the sea.

This building, which seems a seated cat for the most imaginative people, was built in 1932 to commemorate the sailors fallen during the First World War and it stands out on the port for its height and its position.

The Monument to Italian Sailors” was built in concrete and later covered in carparo stone, a stone that marks a lot of monuments in Brindisi. On the side of the huge rudder you can see two canons removed from Austro-Hungarian submarines, while, at the base of the stairway, that leads to the entrance of the monument, were placed the anchors of “Saida”, an Austrian light cruiser.

Who visits this commemorative place can’t miss to see its inside: the rooms where relics are exhibited; the interior stairway with a photographic path which narrates the different phases of the monument building; the roof, ideal place to admire one of the best landscapes of Brindisi. Just from the top of its 53 meters of height, the monument to the Italian Sailor allows to have a complete view on the harbour and on the historic city centre.

The Monument to Italian Sailors “, overlooks the harbour, and from the front square you can get into the crypt in which the statue of Our Lady, Star of the Sea is preserved. The monument is surrounded by a green area and there is also a playground where children can have fun.


In the little church below there are some ampoules containing the waters of the Oceans where military ships sank and also the bell of the battleship Benedetto Brin , sunk in the port of Brindisi.

From the front square, you can take the ferry for a short but suggestive trip in the port.

What to find in the area

The port, the Fishing Village, Regina Margherita seafront.

Where to take photos

The overlook of the monument from which you can admire the beautiful dear-shaped harbour;

the anchors;

the quay of the fore square

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