Fontana De Torres – Piazza Vittoria


NAME Fontana De Torres – Piazza Vittoria
LOCATION Victoria Square
Dating 1618


De Torres fountain is a monumental fountain placed in Victoria Square, in the city centre. It was one of the fountains of the town designed to collect potable water from the cisterns of Porta Mesagne gate.

It was built in 1618 by the Governor Pedro Aloysio De Torres, who gave it the name.

The fountain was especially needed by the market that was being held in the near piazza delle Vettovaglie, now known as Market Square.

The cost of De Torres Fountain, which was made to make drinking water available to people living in the historic centre, was charged to the wealthiest citizens. The monument was built by reusing materials such as the marble basin, which was used in medieval age as a baptismal font.


On the marble stand that rises from the middle of the basin an outlined shield is attributable to King Philip III, reigning at the time of the monument construction.

Although the interpretation is difficult because of the state of conservation, it can be possible to identify, apart from the shield, three crowned helmets on top of it and a rope around it. The three helmets, two of which are placed on the side and rotate towards the central one placed at the honour point are symbols of royalty. All the shield seems to be just sketched, certainly it was never finished; on the shield, honourable ordinaries were never arranged because of the limited space.

The continuous flow of the water on the surface has coated the marble stand with reddish limescale, which now coats the few recognizable elements carved in the white marble.   The elements of the fountain are certainly older than the date of the construction, probably they were recovered and restored. Pietro Toesca, who examined the monument several times, has judged it in this way: “The fountain of Victory square in Brindisi is attributed to the 17th century, instead it was only restored, the marble basin and the marble stand in the middle in Byzantine style belongs in the 12th century».

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