Chiesa di San Paolo Eremita


NAME Chiesa di San Paolo Eremita
LOCATION via Annibale de Leo
Dating 1322


Located in the historic centre of Brindisi, between the old peasant area of “San Pietro degli Schiavoni” and the fishing village called “Schiabiche”, the Church of Saint Paul the Hermit was the residence of the Norman Margarito from Brindisi. Nowadays, at the base of the facade some rows of tuff can be still noticed. The outside of the church is embellished by the side portal of simple Gothic shapes. The inside has some baroque altars dedicated to several saints. Among the works that adorn the altars, the walls and the transept, some statues stand out: Our lady of Mount Carmel with Saint Caterina, St. Paul the Hermit, Diego and the Noguerol family; the Deposition of Christ; the canvas of the Immaculate Conception; the transit of Saint Joseph; the Annunciation; the little canvas of Maria della Concordia. Speaking of canvas, did you know that the canvas “The Visitation” is an autograph work by Jacopo de Vanis from Brindisi? In addition, this ecclesiastical building is covered with decorated wooden trusses and, the apse and the nave have new frescoes and baroque decorations with flowers carved on the pillars.


Inside the structure there is a macenula representation of the Immaculate Virgin who is also called Madonna of the Earthquake because it is believed to have worked a miracle for having saved the city from the earthquake on 20th February 1743. The tradition says that the statue was found at the entrance to the church with open hands as if to stop the earthquake. Over the centuries, many wedding dresses were donated to the Virgin by women, in sign of devotion. Depending on the time of year and the anniversaries, the statue is dressed with four different wedding dresses.

What to find in the area

Theresa Church;

Balsamo Loggia;

Portico of the Templar knights;


Montenegro Palace;


Granafei-Nervegna Palace;

Archaeological area of San Pietro of the Schiavoni;

John’s Temple at the Sepulchre;

Roman Columns

Where to take photos

Overlook in St. Theresa’s square;

The Pious School.

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Cooperativa Sociale Amani

Ministero del Lavoro

Istituto degli Innocenti


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