Chiesa della Madonna della Scala


NAME Chiesa della Madonna della Scala
LOCATION Quarter Madonna della Scala.
Dating The little Church comes back to 1100.
OPENING HOURS Nowadays the Church is closed for cult.


Nowadays the little Church coming back to 1100 is different from the one wanted by people from Amalfi. The look of this chapel changed definitelly after some restoration works done in 1986 during which the portrayal of the Madonna della Scala, done by an unknown author was replaced by a more modern one painted on a canvas by the painter Alessandro Briamo


In Lodi an inveterate player lost a lot of money and really angry threw a stone to the virgin's statue by chipping it. Suddenly he heard the virgin's voice whispering him they would have solved the problem in Brindisi. The man was very frightened and tried to remain really far from Brindisi till when, during a day of navigation, a strong storm forced the crew to hoor into the nearest harbour and so they hoored in Brindisi. The terrified man escaped from ship and tripped up the bodies of two men who were under the Church of the Madonna della Sacala. By believing he was the murderer the police condemned him

The name of the Church is due to an ancient fresco which represented the Virgin with a child in her harms and an Angel standing on stairs. The restoration works, done at the end of 1800 made the fresco invisible. In 1903 the painter Briamo replaced the older painting of Madonna della Scala with a more modern one painted on a canvas. This latter is not in accordance with the classical iconographic rules because the Virgin has not got the halo and she is made up

What to find in the area

via Lata, via Santa Lucia where the homonymous church is located and via del Mare

Where to take photos

Vicino la chiesa di Santa Lucia.

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Istituto degli Innocenti


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